Our People

Over 17 years we have developed a diverse yet close-knit team. We respect and treat our people in the same way we want them to respect and treat our clients – very well. Our approach builds long-term relationships, with most of our people staying with us for many years.  They in turn build long-term relationships with our clients, to the benefit of all.

Our senior team members are leading experts in their fields with many years’ experience. We all originally came from either one of the sectors we specialise in – Hospitality and Charity Retail – or from a senior Technology/Finance background. This combination ensures that all our people – and our technology – are fully aligned with our clients’ needs. In addition to our highly productive core team we have a long-standing pool of highly skilled individuals who we call upon for specific projects.

  • Adrian Stanley - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Adrian Stanley

    Analyst Developer

    Adrian has an MSc in Evolutionary & Adaptive Systems and has been involved in software development for 25 years. He has been developing websites since 2000, with a focus on enhancing the user experience.

  • Ann De Cruz - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Ann De Cruz

    Client Support Consultant

    Ann has been working with Eproductive since July 2017. She has over 20 years’ experience in HR and Training in Hospitality and has used EPS as a client. After a six year diversion into pharmaceuticals and healthcare, she is delighted to be back in the industry helping us deliver great support to our clients.

  • Brett Hunter - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Brett Hunter

    Senior Analyst

    Before joining Eproductive, Brett worked as an analyst for over 13 years on charitable, commercial, scientific and financial software projects.

  • Chowdhury Rahman - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Chowdhury Rahman

    Software Analyst

    Chowdhury has an MSc in Management Information Systems and a BSc in Computer Science & Engineering, and has worked Eproductive Ltd for more than five years as a Software Analyst. Previously, he worked at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). His specialisms at Eproductive are EPROS, Gift Aid, Data Integration, Internal IT & Network Administration, Business Specification and UAT.

  • Chris Cowls - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Chris Cowls


    Chris co-founded Eproductive in 2000. His background was in international hospitality management working in senior roles for companies such as Compass, Burger King and Forte. Chris also co-founded and coordinates fiftytwenty, a UK hospitality leaders' network with 150 members, and was recently appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. He has been a volunteer NED/Trustee at St Martin-in-the-Fields for over 20 years.

  • David Hargreaves - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    David Hargreaves

    Senior Developer

    David has over twenty five years' experience as a trainer, software developer and consultant in the IT industry for companies such as Sybase and Oracle. He has worked in the banking, charity, insurance, manufacturing, music, utilities and electronics sectors. David has been working with Eproductive since 2008 as a senior developer.

  • Fred Shepherd - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Fred Shepherd

    Development Manager

    Fred is an adaptive information technology expert often used to find solutions for difficult problems. His first years of work were of a technical nature, as a programmer and project manager, but since 2008 he has been more closely involved in business development.

  • Gillian Auld - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Gillian Auld

    Marketing Consultant

    Gillian has over 30 years’ experience in marketing across many sectors including media, publishing, the arts, education and technology. She began her career in book publishing before moving into magazines and becoming Marketing Director for the Time Out Group. Gill has worked with Eproductive since 2014 to enhance marketing and communications across the company.

  • Hugo Hotopf - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Hugo Hotopf

    Analyst Developer

    Hugo graduated from The BRIT School in 2015 with a BTEC in Interactive Media. Having worked with Eproductive previously on our animated training videos its great to have him back full-time as part of the core technical team helping with both hardware and software aspects.

  • Irfan Mohammed - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Irfan Mohammed


    Irfan is a programmer who joined Eproductive as a graduate from the University of Surrey, having completed an MA in Mobile Communication Systems. His role includes writing system procedures, building user screens and administration of databases and webservers.

  • Janet Gray - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Janet Gray

    Project Manager

    Janet has over 40 years’ experience in Hospitality Management working for major brands THF; Hilton; Mecca; Rank; and as IT and HR Director at Jarvis/Jupiter Hotels Ltd. More recently, Janet has successfully project managed the rollout of EPS to Michels & Taylor’s Red Rum Group, Rezidor Hotels Radisson Blu and Park Inn Hotels in UK and Ireland.

  • Jessica Woodroffe - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Jessica Woodroffe

    Support Administrator

    Prior to Eproductive, Jessica studied to receive a BSc in Sport Science. She went on to work in the pharmaceutical sector where she gained years of valuable experience in customer service. She enjoys working with systems and is enthusiastic about improving her knowledge so that she can better help our clients as the newest member of our Help Team

  • Jon Smith - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Jon Smith

    Senior Analyst

    Jon followed his degree in Mathematics with twelve years in the hotel industry fulfilling roles up to the level of Deputy Manager. Since joining Eproductive in 2008, he has worked as an analyst, tester and developer, primarily on the EPS product.

  • Josh Searle - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Josh Searle

    Analyst Developer

    Josh is a computer enthusiast with a keen interest in Maths and Statistics, and previous experience with VBA. He is part of the technical team at Eproductive working on constantly improving the various software and hardware solutions that we provide.

  • Karen Baker - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Karen Baker

    Senior Developer

    Karen has a BSc in Computing Science and has worked in the IT industry for over twenty years as a Software Developer, Analyst, Trainer and Consultant. Before working with Eproductive she worked for the tools and database specialists Sybase. She has worked in many sectors including oil, insurance, banking, charity, manufacturing, music and electronics. Karen has been working with Eproductive since 2008 as a senior developer.

  • Karen Barford - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Karen Barford

    User Support Co-ordinator

    Before joining Eproductive Karen graduated from London South Bank university with a BSc in Pyschology. Whilst completing the degree she was working for Greeneking in one of their traditional pubs. With knowledge of people management software from her previous job, she is excited to be the newest addition to the Eproductive Team.

  • Kevin Baker - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Kevin Baker

    Principal Consultant

    Kevin has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years; as an Analyst, Programmer, Designer, Project Manager, Trainer-Consultant and Principal Consultant working within the PRINCE 2 and ISO9001 environments. He has been working with Eproductive for over ten years providing daily Software Consultancy Services; he also manages the Technical Infrastructure Team.

  • Lorna Somerville - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Lorna Somerville

    Finance Co-ordinator

    Lorna has worked for Eproductive for the last 10 years as Finance Co-ordinator. Lorna has many years’ experience working in finance and enjoys dealing with a variety of responsibilities; she can also often be found on the end of the phone line answering queries.

  • Nancy Weatherson - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Nancy Weatherson

    Client Services Manager

    Nancy joined Eproductive in 2007 as client services manager. Nancy has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the system and as such has been instrumental in designing the way the training is delivered today to maximise results for the client following implementation. Before joining Eproductive, Nancy held various management positions in the hotel sector, latterly as Regional HR and Training Manager for Jarvis Hotels, responsible for the hotels in the South of England.

  • Nick Cowls - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Nick Cowls


    Nick is one of the founding Directors of Eproductive and has responsibility for the management and development of the product set. He trained as a management accountant within the Oil Industry before moving to Dixons Stores Group as a Management Accountant. Nick worked for six years with ICRF (precursor to CR-UK) as Retail Accounting Manager and latterly Retail Commercial Director.

  • Nicola Claxon - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Nicola Claxon

    Senior Client Support Executive

    Nicola joined the Eproductive team in 2011 as part of the training team for the Hampshire Hotels roll out in the Netherlands. She has since been involved in the design and testing of the time and attendance software as well as the mobile ‘myeps’ employee onboarding. Nicola’s background is over 8 years in the hotel sector with a variety of experience in both back and front of house departments.

  • Phil Somerville - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Phil Somerville

    Support Manager

    Phil is the Support Manager at Eproductive and has been with the company since 2002. During this time he has helped with the implementation and training on all of the EPS and EPR modules. Well-known as the (Irish) voice of Eproductive on our help-desk, Phil has had a previous background in Hospitality as a Chef, and has also worked in various hotels and restaurants.

  • Pragnesh Sharma - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Pragnesh Sharma

    Test Analyst

    Pragnesh has been a Test Analyst with Eproductive since 2014. He is an ISTQB certified software tester and an associate member of British Computer Society. He previously worked for Rockstars North Games as Game Play Tester. His role involves setting up test environments, executing test scripts and testing on different devices.

  • Rachel Large - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Rachel Large

    User Support Co-ordinator

    Rachel worked in customer service for 25 years for Lloyds Bank and Audi before joining Eproductive. With that considerable experience, she really enjoys the challenge of supporting our clients to help them make the most of our systems.

  • Sarah Preston - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Sarah Preston

    Client Support Manager

    Sarah has spent the last ten years managing the client support team and project managing national rollouts for over 3,000 charity stores. This has involved selling projects to key stakeholders, organising and leading project meetings, managing project and training teams and implementing all Eproductive solutions. Sarah leads the ongoing process of client support and evaluation of project rollouts.

  • Sonia Fletcher - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Sonia Fletcher

    Communications Manager

    Sonia has been with Eproductive since 2007 and is the key Gift Aid contact for our clients. Having previously worked within the Retail Head Office team at Cancer Research UK for 17 years, her expertise includes dealing with legislative queries, liaising with HMRC on behalf of clients and assisting charities to maximise their Retail Gift Aid income.

  • Simon Boulton - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Simon Boulton

    Chief Technology Officer

    Simon has been the Eproductive CTO since 2000 and is the system architect for the Eproductive Software solution. With 25 years’ experience in IT, he was formerly a Principal Consultant and the European Tools Practice Manager at Sybase. Simon ensures that Eproductive software can be quickly extended and adapted to meet unforeseen requirements.

  • Tessa Shepherd - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Tessa Shepherd

    Finance Director

    Tessa has been Finance Director for Eproductive since 2000, previously working as financial and management accountant in the banking sector for ten years. Tessa was involved in designing EPR Gift Aid in 2006 and has thus developed close links with HMRC, becoming Eproductive’s Gift Aid specialist. Additionally, Tessa assisted in creating the financial reporting function for both EPR and EPS.

  • Thomas Henderson - Charity EPOS systems, Charity retail systems

    Thomas Henderson


    Thomas has Sales/Analysis experience in the IT Managed Services Industry. He completed his apprenticeship in 2016 with City & Guilds and has a Diploma in ICT Professional Competence and Systems and Principles. He is also a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist. Thomas is part of the technical team and specialises in hardware support.