EPR Gift Aid

Why choose EPR Gift Aid?

As the pioneers of Retail Gift Aid in 2006, Eproductive has enabled clients to claim an extra £190 million in revenue from HMRC and works with over 100 UK charities to successfully build an ongoing relationship with more than 8 million Gift Aid donors.

EPR Gift Aid’s strength is that it’s made specifically for charity retailers and can adapt to operations of all shapes and sizes – so whether you are a small charity with just a handful of shops or a ‘high street brand’ operating 700, you can pick and choose to suit the way you work. We also bring you peace of mind through a dedicated support team 365 days per year and by storing, processing and securing your data for you – leaving you free to get the most out of your retail business.

And that’s not all. Through developing a way of saying a personalised ‘thank you’ every time your supporters donate, our charity retail systems help build the relationship you have with retail donors, making it more likely they will continue to support you in this way.

Charity retail systems tailored for you.

Charities can pick and choose from EPR Gift Aid’s comprehensive menu of functions to quickly and easily deliver improvements in performance and provide significant reductions in cost. As a ready to go system requiring minimal training, and with charities only paying for the software they use, the system is as affordable as it is powerful. Eproductive is one of the UK’s leading charity software providers, supporting over 100 charities in the UK with more than 3,000 shops between them.

EPR Gift Aid provides…

  • An end to end software solution, developed exclusively for Charity Retail
  • Fully integrated EPR Gift Aid system
  • Simple process for shop teams
  • Flexibile technology choices from any internet enabled device
  • Integrated postcode look-up file, and minimal data cleaning
  • Automated notification and online HMRC claims
  • Full reporting suite for marketing and finance
  • Self-Audit functionality sampling donors for sales, replicating HMRC audits
  • Automated ‘Thank you’ emails for new and repeat donors
  • mygiftaid.com website enabling donors to update their details