EPS is a powerful people management and communication system designed specifically for the complexities of hotel businesses.

Why choose EPS hotel staff scheduling system?

This staff scheduling system, designed specifically for hotel businesses, puts you in control of cost savings and increased productivity by providing visibility of all labour costs ahead of spend; and better guest service by ensuring the right number of staff are in the right place at the right time all through a streamlined hotel staff management system.

Cloud-based and fully hosted by us, EPS organises all your labour management data within a single, easily accessible database – giving you full control of the cost and performance of your workforce via four key functions: Scheduling, HR, Reporting and Communication. And when you buy EPS from Eproductive you also gain a valuable extra analytical resource in the form of our ongoing consultancy – helping you interrogate the data to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the system.

  • Improve scheduling

    Improve scheduling

    Create schedules that match performance targets – optimising the cost and productivity of your workforce.

  • 'At-a-glance' HR data

    'At-a-glance' HR data

    Manage and automate all your HR information from ‘starter to departure’.

  • Reporting for results

    Reporting for results

    Capture the meaningful information and real time analysis your staff need to make the right scheduling decisions.

  • Better communication and engagement

    Better communication and engagement

    Use mobile technology to create a secure communications network for your employees.

  • One true picture of your business – in one place, and in real time
  • Proven cost savings
  • Visibility of labour costs ahead of spend
  • Improved compliance with legislative and company rules
  • Reduced administration
  • Improved delivery of brand standards
  • Improved employee engagement