Guild Care

Guild Care Case Study

Guild Care opened their first shop over 40 years ago on the West Sussex South Coast. They provide a broad range of care services and are a well-loved local charity.

Towards the end of May 2021, Eproductive started to roll out new Touch tills, allowing both donor look-up and bag label printing at the till. At the same time stock processing was automated by using Eproductive’s Hubs – minimising the time and effort spent in the sorting room.

In the last five months to November 2021, Guild Care’s Gift Aid Claim rose by 500% compared to the same period in pre-pandemic 2019 for the same 10 shops. Meanwhile, the percentage of gift-aided donations has almost quadrupled from 15% to 54%.

Director of Retail, Adam Rider, has this to say about upgrading from paper to digital:

“The default used to be not to ask at all, because the manual gift-aid process was so long and convoluted. All that manual process disappeared overnight, and literally one day post installation, once staff had physically had a go, everyone just switched on and it just took off. It was just probably one of the biggest successes of any product launch, IT launch, anything we’d ever done. The whole system is positive. It was seamless in the installation, the volunteers have taken to it like ducks to water; it’s easy – bearing in mind a quarter of our volunteers are people with learning difficulties, they use it as well. It’s now business as usual as if it’s been here forever, but it was like that after the first week. I can’t think of any negatives really – it’s just simple and easy.”


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