Mind Case Study

Mind Case Study


Mind was founded in 1946 and has over 160 shops across England and Wales which raise money to fund vital mental health support services.

Eproductive have been Mind’s Gift Aid software supplier since 2008. In 2018 Eproductive started implementing digital donor sign-up across all of Mind’s shops, using tablets at the counter.

Advantages of tablet sign-up

Amanda Day, Head of Finance and Central Services at Mind, talks about moving to digital Gift Aid: “The old process as it stood was too cumbersome – forms had to be produced and circulated to over a hundred shops; donors filled in the forms and shop staff had to manually enter the handwritten data into the Gift Aid system, which was very time consuming. Poor handwriting from donors meant that there were sometimes errors, especially with email addresses, which meant letters to the donors had to be printed and posted, and we had to pay for the postage. Storage and transport of completed donor declarations was also difficult and costly with GDPR increasing concerns over security, as well as potential problems during internal or HMRC audits due to forms being damaged or lost.

The digital sign-up on tablets is really easy to use and has adjustable fonts. It has a completely transparent step-by-step process so donors know how far through the process they are. The validation is terrific – over 20 validations have to be met at the point of entry, which ensures the accuracy of the data being inputted. The system uses a postcode address file lookup, which both simplifies donors’ entry of their address and, again, ensures accuracy. The donors’ digital signatures can be captured on the tablets to recreate the donor declaration. The declarations are securely stored on the database and can be retrieved for audit at the touch of a button.”

The solution works on any tablet with internet

Amanda continued: “The database is updated immediately, which means items can go out for sale straight away. No data is stored on the tablet, which reduces our concerns over GDPR. The digital solution is hardware-independent – it will work on any tablet with an internet connection so the charity can supply their own tablets. There are no software downloads necessary, so there is no need to get our IT team involved, which reduces the workload for them and makes things easier for us – we can access the system via a secure URL.”

Customised for clients

“In addition to all of that,” Amanda said, “it was configured to have our branding, our logo, and we could provide the text we wanted to be on it, as well as the marketing opt-in options – I could go on and on about how good this solution is!”

Email conversion up by 37%; bounce rate down by 64%

Eproductive sends out millions of thank-you and notification emails per year on behalf of their charity clients and one of the benefits of digital sign-up is the increased email conversion. Due to this, Mind has seen a great improvement in their donor engagement. On this subject, Amanda said: “Donors inputting their own data has made a huge difference. The email conversion rate is up by 37%, and the error/bounce rate has fallen by 64% – a really significant decrease. We’re delighted!”

Over 90% of donors now signed up digitally

Since implementing the digital Gift Aid solution across all of their shops, Mind has recorded a very strong take-up of digital sign-up. Amanda said: “Over 90% of all our Retail Gift Aid donors are now signed up digitally, and I’ve been really pleased with the positive response that we’ve received from volunteers and donors alike. Gift Aid sales are already up 14% year on year.”