M&T Case Study

Staffing has become a pressing issue facing hoteliers in the current climate, with the number of people viewing hotels as the source of a career failing to keep pace with the rapid expansion of the sector. Add in rising labour costs and finding an efficient solution has left even the most strategic of executives scratching their heads.

M&T Hotel Managementfirst started working with Eproductive in December 2014 when it added three hotels to its current portfolio which were already working with the company. M&T now has 19 hotels using the EPS hotel staff scheduling system, which gives managers at all levels access to real-time information, enabling them to make decisions to improve productivity and control costs.

Peter Hales, Managing Director, M&T Hotel Management, said: There are different systems available on the market and we have looked at all of them. One of the great aspects of Eproductive are the team behind it, who are incredibly responsive to any changes or suggestions or developments as well as the trainers, who are very good.

Chris Cowls MBE, Chief Executive, Eproductive, said that M&T came to the group looking for support in helping them make a smooth transition of employees in their new hotels. M&T have really embraced the system to increase their hotels performance in all aspects of people management. In particular Peter Hales is passionate about productivity and has been instrumental in helping us at Eproductive develop the advanced EPS Productivity Module into the market leader.

For Eproductive, part of the systems success could be attributed to the teams hotel background. Cowls said: We only work with that sector in hospitality and therefore developed an expertise that is second to none. We listen to our clients and make sure that EPS fits their ongoing needs.

The EPS system, which is based in the cloud, can be configured to client requirements while remaining scalable and cost effective.

Hales said: We have some bespoke elements of the system which we have developed with them.

The system allows us to forecast payroll efficiency and productivity – by day by hour by department, so that weve got flexibility and we can ensure that people are in the right place at the right time. Its not just cost cutting, its also providing a revenue opportunity, because if we have more people working in that area – be that a bar or a restaurant – then we can collect more revenue because we will have the right people in the right place at the right time

It also efficient in terms of the team themselves: they can use their palm to scan in and it takes away human error as well as paperwork.

Cowls added that recently Eproductive had been working closely with M&Ts payroll provider Dataplan to implement a seamless interface between the two systems, giving an accurate and timely solution for the M&T properties. The pair were planning to further enhance the solution for M&T by linking EPS with their training provider Flow and Cowls said that the relationship worked so well because of participation on both sides, adding: The value that a system such as EPS can bring to the increased performance of a business is enhanced considerably when there is such engagement by senior management as shown by Peter Hales. Alice Humphris, Head of HR, is also extremely hands-on and fully utilises the HR functionality of the system.

Hales looked forward to continuing the partnership, commenting: We started with three hotels with them and we anticipate carrying on growing with them as we continue to feel the benefit.For M&T, further growth was likely to be accelerated after the Freo Group, the European real estate investment and asset management business, acquired a 25% stake.

Hales said: Its a strategic partnership, so its very much business as usual. Freo invested into M&T because they liked what they saw, but hopefully it will give us a chance to accelerate growth and add more hotels into our portfolio.” And as M&T grows, so too can its Eproductive solution.