Radisson Hotel Group

EPS Case Study

In the UK, Radisson Hotel Group has rolled out EPS across 31 of its properties including the internationally-renowned Radisson Blu and Park Inn brands. After a short period of one-to-one training with key members of staff at the Radisson Blu Hotel Birmingham, we visited to hear how the system was working in practice and assess the difference it has made to a working day for members of the team.

For General Manager Roderick Smith, the benefit of EPS is to have everything you need in one place – and for it to be spot on. ‘It’s a great system,’ he says, ‘It’s so much easier to get the right people in the right place, at the right time.’

Over in Payroll, Finance Controller Charlotte Warren is enthusiastic about the time saved by EPS, ‘Gathering the correct information used to take around two days. But now we have EPS, everything is automated and in one place. That means I can process the payroll and extract the file in half-an-hour! I can’t tell you what a difference that makes.’

A saving on time has also brought benefits to HR Regional Manager Jo Chamberlain, ‘It used to take me 6 hours to get the monthly report for Directors ready, but with EPS is only takes a few minutes and I know it is 100% accurate.’

Across the group, HoDs can use the system to request an authority to recruit, while Finance can check the forecasts and run a budget check instantly allowing an answer to be returned quickly. As Charlotte Warren says, ’This business is all about keeping labour costs to a minimum and customer service to a maximum – and that’s where EPS makes all the difference.’

Finally, Kevin Greenwood, Area Director of Finance gets a weekly email from Eproductive summarising the financial status of all the hotels under his control. ‘It gives us a real-time, single view of our labour costs and how our hotels are performing right across the patch,’ he says. ‘That means we can make operational improvements based on accurate figures, identify any issues and resolve them before they become problems.’

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