Eproductive CSR statement

Eproductive exists to offer powerful, effective, simple-to-use cloud-based technology solutions for hotels and charity retailers.

We do this because we believe technology should be accessible for everyone. Working towards this vision is how Eproductive plays its part in helping society to meet the challenges it faces today.

Our values inform our approach

Customer Focused
We think creatively from an end user perspective – and we work hard to make it easier for our clients.

People Centred
We want people to get the most from work – whether they work for us or for our clients.

We are nimble and flexible – we are prepared to realise opportunities when they arise.

Being customer focused

Eproductive is an active leader in solving challenges in both the hospitality and charity sectors.

We help Hospitality leaders share best practice through a learning network we run for free called 2050.network.  Our CEO Chris Cowls MBE volunteers his time as Visiting Professor at the School of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of Surrey – the UK’s leader in the field.

We apply our expertise in data analysis to help charities be more financially stable. For example, by distributing a free weekly email to all charities on like-for-like sales of donated goods.

Being people centred

Eproductive builds teams in line with our values, looking after and developing each member of staff.

We recruit and develop people according to our values so they will treat our clients as we would expect. We support our employees to learn and make the best decisions for themselves and their careers.

Work should be fulfilling, decent and fun. We encourage our staff to volunteer. We provide fruit for the office and subsidise any employee joining a gym.

Being responsive

Eproductive responds to changes quickly and without fuss.

Please email us your feedback about this statement so we can improve it. Thank you.

Nick and Chris Cowls, Eproductive co-founders.