Why choose EPS People Management System?

EPS is the people management system designed by hoteliers, for hotel businesses. It gives managers at all levels access to real-time information, enabling them to make the right decisions to improve productivity and control costs.

EPS is easily trained to front line users and designed to cope with the complexity of a hotel business. It can be configured to client requirements while remaining scalable and cost effective. A secure cloud-based solution (with full redundancy capability and back-ups), EPS provides 100% accuracy, 100% visibility and 100% control of your staffing costs, ahead of spend.

  • Instant updates

    Labour schedules are updated live to capture any shift or time changes.

    With EPS, you get one view of the data – with all updates instantly visible to anyone with security to view the information. This means, wherever you are, you can keep track of changing business patterns and adjust your workforce accordingly.

  • Control of costs ahead of spend

    Our unique colour coded system gives you an instant picture of over or under staffing.

    Sent direct to your inbox a week in advance, EPS provides a colour coded report showing key areas at risk: red for payroll, yellow for service levels, while green shows that optimum productivity will be achieved.

  • MyEPS

    Integrated employee engagement app to simplify communication.

    Available on any device, the app can notify shift changes, share rotas, manage holiday requests and give authority to recruit. It can even help you to check who is in the building in the event of an emergency evacuation.

  • Reporting Suite

    An extensive suite available on any device.

    Key reports are mailed direct to you, including future productivity and costs, based on the pre-defined benchmarks you have set.

  • Help Desk

    Our consultants are experienced hoteliers.

    Once EPS is installed, the team at Eproductive use their own hospitality backgrounds to help clients make efficiency savings, while continuing to ensure guests get the service they deserve.

  • HR Database

    All information is held in a single, easily accessible database.

    All your labour management data organised within the EPS database, giving you full control of the cost and performance of your staff.

  • Fully integrates with existing systems

    EPS successfully integrates to many other specialist hotel systems.

    EPS is easily integrated with Payroll, Accounting, HR and Training systems, thus removing the need for double-keying of data and ensuring both timely transfer of information and accuracy of input.

  • Reduce Administration

    Paperless and automatic, EPS activates and stores internal communications.

    Helpful workflow reminders tracking daily ‘TO DO’ items for users of the system is just one of the ways EPS can reduce time spent on administration. With standard templates instantly creating contracts and letters for issue to employees, the system is paperless and automatic – providing an ultra-efficient filing system.

  • Improve Compliance

    EPS can store records and trigger refresher training when required.

    The system can keep track of key dates for certificate and document renewals for UKBA, Health & Safety at Work, Working Time Regulations and many others. It will also control the input of data to ensure compliance with Company rules and requirements.