Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland happy with recent Retail Gift Aid training

Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland are the latest of Eproductive’s charity clients to benefit from bespoke Retail Gift Aid training.

The charity runs 25 shops raising money to support the charity’s aim to develop sufficient and relevant services that reflect the needs and wishes of older people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Since implementing EPR Gift Aid in 2012, they have claimed £500,000 from HMRC.

Anthony Donovan, Executive Director said: “Our local supporters are extremely generous with their donations, and Retail Gift Aid has been a valuable additional source of income for us.  It is of vital importance that our staff are trained, and fully understand the Retail Gift Aid process.

“Being able to draw on the expertise and knowledge of the team at Eproductive is a great benefit.  We were keen to ensure that not just our shop managers attended the training but assistant managers, drivers and even our finance team.”

The charity is also implementing Eproductive’s Gift Aid Training Package. Please click here for more details.