BHF CEO talks to fiftytwenty at Café Rouge

Fiftytwenty is the UK foodservice leaders network which meets in one of the member’s venues several times a year and which is coordinated by Eproductive’s CEO Chris Cowls and Support Manager Phil Somerville.

65 members met at Café Rouge in Hay’s Galleria on London’s South Bank on 20th June at an event hosted by owner Casual Dining Group’s CEO, Steve Richards.

Chris was delighted to welcome Simon Gillespie, CEO of British Heart Foundation (one of Eproductive’s charity retail clients) as speaker for the evening.

Simon held the floor with his talk about the great research work that BHF does, the role of the foodservice sector in the nation’s health and finished up with a practical demonstration of CPR on a dummy that he brought along for the occasion!

Another great fiftytwenty event on the hottest night of the year – so far….