Eproductive emails help charity shops inform donors during lockdown

At the end of March over 800,000 emails were sent to Retail Gift Aid Donors on behalf of 45 clients, enabling charities to get in touch with donors about store closures and request that stock be kept for donating when stores re-opened.

The emails were very well received by donors and we have released new functionality that now lets clients send engagement emails to donors, enabling charities to publicise shop re-openings and the management of stock donations.

In addition, a link can be included in the email to let donors print their own barcodes / Donor ID’s at home! This will help with social distancing when donating stock and will ensure that Gift Aid is maximised.

Existing features for all current emails sent by Eproductive on behalf of clients have been incorporated in the new module:

  • A link will be provided for donors to update their details
  • Bounce backs are automatically managed
  • Donors can unsubscribe from future mailings
  • Responses from donors are auto forwarded to clients

We have also invested in increased capacity for sending emails and have the capability to send up to 4 million additional emails between now and the end of September.

Eproductive client Glen Hall, Head of Retail and Trading at Mencap said:

“This has come at just the right time for us – we’re re-opening stores on a staggered timetable and it’s great to be able to send relevant information to donors on a shop by shop basis as they re-open. The ability for donors to print their own barcodes will be a great way of making sure we keep our gift aid income up in the months ahead”.

This functionality is now available for all clients, at no additional charge. In the first instance please contact the Eproductive Helpdesk on 01306 875785. They will be able to help you with your first mailing.