Eproductive launches Retail Gift Aid Training Package

Eproductive has developed a new online Training Package in response to HMRC guidelines on Retail Gift Aid. The guidelines state:

“Charities should also keep records of staff / volunteer training and guidance, to demonstrate that all staff and volunteers have a good understanding of the processes”.

Our new Gift Aid Training Package enables charity retailers to be compliant in training all volunteers and staff and maintaining records. There are short training animations and tests for volunteers and staff to complete after which they receive certificates and the charity has reports on the training to show at HMRC audits.

We have had a great response to the new package with so far with 1,200 shops signed up. And there is a 25% discount on the cost of the first year of the package for charities that sign up by 21st September!

To learn more have a look at our two-minute introductory video at https://www.eproductive.com/gift-aid-training/

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the Gift Aid Training Package and to take advantage of the extended deadline – call us on 020 7485 2500 or email us on training@www.eproductive.com

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