Eproductive’s 7 top tips for charity engagement programmes

With 15 years of expertise to draw on, Eproductive’s charity experts have put together 7 top tips that can help engage volunteers and staff.

  1. On-board professionally – the first four weeks are crucial for retaining volunteers so try to make your volunteer ‘on-boarding’ process as welcoming, efficient and appealing as possible.
  2. Say thank you – you can never thank your people too much, so keep thanking your volunteers to show just how much the work they put in means to you.
  3. Embrace new technology – choose the best and use it, whilst staying up to date with new trends in communication.
  4. Give as well as take – listen to feedback, show the value of volunteers, and give people the communication they want – not just what you think they need.
  5. Learn from others – looking at both other charities and the corporate sector can teach charities great things about how to keep volunteers happy and engaged.
  6. Get them young – harness what is potentially a lifetime’s support; that Duke of Edinburgh volunteer might be a high value donor in the future.
  7. Turn disruption to your advantage – times of turbulence are often when there are times of great opportunity for communication.

Engaging volunteers has never been more important. That’s why Eproductive created Team – a powerful platform which enables charities to engage directly with supporters, including your all-important volunteers.