Handpunch 4000 T&A devices introduced to Jupiter Hotels

This week saw the first roll-out of the Handpunch 4000 Time & Attendance devices in Jupiter hotels.

The hotel group has worked with Eproductive since 2005 using the EPS people management system to great success. Jupiter has now opted for additional functionality with the introduction of the T&A handpunch, fully integrated with EPS. Eproductive personnel are carrying out face to face training with all heads of department at Jupiter.

The T&A devices allow employees to clock in and out daily; this information can then be seen alongside schedules in the EPS system, allowing management to decide what hours are processed for payroll.

Jupiter’s Chief Financial Officer, Gavin Taylor said, “EPS has been a great people management system for Jupiter Hotels for over a decade. With the introduction of the T&A handpunch system, we will be able to monitor our labour costs with an even greater level of detail.”

The devices will be rolled out to all of Jupiter’s 26 hotels through August and September.