Hotel engagement through technology

How is technology being used in hotels to make communicating with staff so much easier?

The article below by Eproductive’s CEO Chris Cowls has been featured on Page 26 of this month’s Hotel Business magazine.

Guests select, book and deal with hotels online, yet, whilst they are tech-savvy, many hotels are unaware of the opportunities provided by innovative technology for internal communications and logistics.

“Much attention is given to guests’ use of technology. However, the use of innovation for internal communication within hospitality organisations seems very limited,” says Prof Chris Cowls, Visiting Professor at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey. Cowls, an expert in hospitality sector software, is also a founder and Chief Executive of Eproductive Ltd and coordinator of the FiftyTwenty Hospitality Leaders’ Network.

His company, Eproductive, makes bespoke people management software for leading hotel groups. The product, EPS, is cloud based and fully hosted enabling hotel management to fully control the staffing needs of their business in real time.

“Our client hotel groups recognise that the best ways to contact their smartphone-carrying and tablet-empowered staff is direct – via their devices,” reveals Cowls. “The reach of mobile technology is nearly universal amongst staff so it is an effective way to engage with staff as well as guests.”

Shift-attendance reliability and holiday management can be improved by embracing mobile communications. Mobile technology can also be used to improve the bottom line by underlining brand marketing messages and promotional offerings. With technology, occupancy levels, financial reporting, health & safety, payroll cost and productivity, workflow, service levels, staff feedback and training, for every department, or each hotel in the Group, are available at a touch.

“The right technology cuts waste, saves time and generates efficiencies. The cumulative data based on performance across a Group can readily be managed in this way. The power of our technology is simple to apply, reassuringly secure and reliable to use. We find service levels and profitability measurably improve,” says Cowls.

Hotel Business October 2016