Impact of Brexit on hotel staffing

As the date of departure from the EU gets ever closer there is a lot of speculation about the impact of Brexit on staffing in the Hospitality sector. In 2017 Eproductive Ltd and the UK’s leading Hospitality educator, The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey, joined forces to analyse real data from over 80 hotels to find out. The hotels all use the EPS People Management System from Eproductive and belong to four hotel group clients who all agreed to the analysis on an anonymised basis.

The results were illuminating. And in 2018 we carried out a repeat analysis to see if that position has changed and if so by how much. The results, which were presented at the annual HOSPACE Conference in London by Professor Chris Cowls, Eproductive’s CEO and Professor Andrew Lockwood, show some of the challenges which lie ahead for hospitality employers. Our highlights include:

  • This year has seen a marked decrease (of nearly 7%) in hours worked by EU staff
  • Despite this decrease the four groups still rely heavily on EU employees for 30% of hours worked.
  • Replacing them will be difficult – especially as results show that EU staff work more flexibly than staff from the UK and the rest of the world

There is some good news, however. Over the last three years hotel revenue has gone up BUT the number of hours has decreased – meaning productivity has improved for these hotel groups that use EPS.

For more details on this research, to read the executive summary or to speak to us about EPS, please email info@eproductive.com