Lies, damn lies and Brexit statistics

For the third year running Eproductive and the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey have teamed up to analyse data from 82 hotels (with 6,000 staff between them) to find out how Brexit is impacting staffing in UK hotels. The hotels all use the EPS People Management System and belong to four hotel group clients who all agreed to the analysis on an anonymised basis.

The results were presented at the annual HOSPACE Conference at the Royal Lancaster hotel by Professor Chris Cowls MBE, Eproductive’s CEO and Professor Andrew Lockwood, Emeritus Professor at the University of Surrey. Here are the headlines:

  • In year to June 2019 the total hours worked has continued the downward trend of the previous 3 years.
  • For the second year running this year has seen a further marked decrease in hours worked by EU staff. Hours worked by rest of the world employees has increased (albeit at a much lower base).
  • The trend of fall in number of employees from Poland and increase from Romania has continued but slowed.
  • Over the 4 years hotel revenue remained relatively stable. BUT the number of hours has decreased so productivity has improved for these hotel groups that use EPS
  • Hotels still rely heavily on EU employees for nearly one third of hours worked. Replacing them will be difficult – with the additional challenge of greater work flexibility by EU staff.

For more details on this research please email info@eproductive.com