“My Charity Shop” app goes live!

Priscilla Bacon Hospice has become the first charity to go live on Eproductive’s My Charity Shop app.

Supporters no longer need to scramble around at the back of the drawer for a donor card or cause a queue while the charity shop manager searches for their postcode, they can simply scan a barcode from their phone and watch the till print out a gift aid bag label.

My Charity Shop is a new app from Eproductive that can be 100% automated – ideal for smaller charities like Priscilla Bacon Hospice. Operations Manager Jordan Codling said: “Sooner or later every charity retailer will want an app like My Charity Shop. It’s not just the convenience that will boost gift aid, it’s the way it builds loyalty. The App knows all your donation history and awards badges when sales of your items raise money for the charity. We can even feature videos – our latest one updates supporters on the construction of our new hospice.”

Nick Cowls, Director of Eproductive, said: “It’s now over fifteen years since we first pioneered retail gift aid, and this app, which has been in development for the last 18 months, feels like a similar sea change for charity shops. It will be promoted via QR codes on till receipts, and our automated thank you emails whenever you gift aid a donation.”

To read the longer blog which was featured on the Charity Retail Association website, click here.