Over 4,000 charity shops now included in Flash Sales service

Eproductive’s free weekly Flash Sales, a service offering a comparison of a charity’s shop chain’s sales for the last week against the sales of other charity shops, now includes over 4,000 shops.

Charities simply sign up free of charge, input their summary sales figures securely every Monday, and the flash sales automated email is then sent to them at close of business that day. They are then able to view their own performance as compared with the rest of the market’s performance as a whole.

Major chains already taking advantage of the service include British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Barnardo’s, Age UK, Sue Ryder and Scope; all find the time-relevant information regarding market averages invaluable.

Cancer Research UK said, “The information provided by Eproductive is one of the first things that gets discussed at our weekly meetings. The information we receive is reliable, informative, and provides our department with vital snap-shot market information which allows us to assess our trading operation from a whole new perspective.”

If you think Flash Sales could benefit your charity, give us a call on +44(0)20 7485 2500 or email info@www.eproductive.com.