Over one million thank you emails sent out by Eproductive

Eproductive this month reached a significant milestone with its Thank You emails scheme, with over one million having been sent since going live in April 2014.

Emails are automatically generated using Eproductive systems to new and repeat donors who Gift Aid their donations; this email is personalised including the donor name, and is signed from the relevant charity to which they made their donation.

71 of Eproductive’s charity clients have signed up to Thank You emails since its launch – encompassing national charities with more than 700 shops and smaller charities with perhaps only one shop – meaning that the number of emails triggered is significant. Last week alone, around 13,000 emails were sent out.

Feedback to the scheme has been overwhelmingly positive, with donors suggesting that the thank you email has made them feel more valued for their efforts.

‘Thank you for your email. I have a few similar gift-aid cards but you are the first charity to mail your appreciation.’

‘Really appreciate your kind letter.’

‘Wow, that’s impressive! I only took them in this afternoon!’