Stevan Jackson of the Mary Stevens Hospice talks about the benefits of Team at Employee Engagement Alliance Conference

Stevan Jackson, CEO of the Mary Stevens Hospice, spoke about the benefits of Eproductive’s engagement tool, Team, with members of the Employee Engagement Alliance. The event was held in London to discuss engagement for employees and volunteers in the charity and non-profit sector.

The Mary Stevens Hospice has been an Eproductive Gift Aid client since 2009 and launched Team in November 2015 to their staff, trustees and volunteers. Stevan shared how over 70% of users logged on to Team at least once in the first 3 months and how 82% of respondents on the site said communication had improved in the Hospice since launch.

Along with Stevan, other speakers from the charity and business sectors, shared their thoughts on employee and volunteer engagement.  This included The Big Issue, Cancer Research UK, People Insight and British Red Cross.

To find out how Team could work in your organisation, visit https://www.eproductive.com/products/team/

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