Time & Attendance goes mobile

For many years Eproductive has provided EPS, the leading People Management System for hotels. An integral part of the system is MyEPS, a mobile app for staff to access their rotas, request holidays, get updates on their hotel, etc. Eproductive has now launched the latest feature for the MyEPS app: Mobile T&A (Time & Attendance) for hotel staff to use on their phones, available on both iOS and Android.

Particularly in this era of COVID-19, it is vital that staff can operate in a safe and careful way. This is where Mobile T&A comes in.

Rather than having to all use the same biometric handprint machines to clock in and out and log their breaks, staff are now able to use Mobile T&A to register their attendance on their own devices. This reduces the risk of infection in hotels by removing a common touch point.

Before staff use the new feature, their hotel’s EPS administrator sets a virtual ‘ringfence’ around the hotel property, within which the staff members can start and finish their shifts. The geo-location function on their phones then confirms where they are.

Along with the time and attendance capability, another new feature in MyEPS is a coronavirus questionnaire which staff can complete prior to going in to work. On opening the MyEPS app, employees are asked to provide answers to three health-related questions which follow NHS guidelines. The responses feed through to managers on their devices so they can see which staff members are potentially safe to work, not safe to work, or have not yet replied.

Regarding the new Mobile T&A software, Janet Gray, Head of Client Services for Hospitality at Eproductive, said: “This is about evolution, not revolution – it is an add-on to MyEPS, our highly successful app for staff in our clients’ hotels. The idea has been on our minds for a long time – a way of staff members being able to register their time and attendance on their mobile phones – but COVID-19 has accelerated the need for it. People in the sector who have heard about it are delighted and we are now rolling it out to all of our hotel clients.”