University of Surrey students visit Ethos

Eproductive CEO Chris Cowls is Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and, together with the School’s Forte Professor Andrew Lockwood, is teaching a module for final year students this semester entitled ‘Innovation & Development in Restaurant Development’. The module introduces students to the Service Life Cycle from a very practical perspective, supported as it is by talks and visits by some of the UK’s leading Hospitality innovators. This week students visited Ethos, the excellent meat-free restaurant in central London, to hear a talk by founder and COO Jessica Kruger. The students were impressed by Jessica’s story and future plans for the Ethos Foods business.

In future weeks students will have inputs from, amongst others, senior managers of Yo! Sushi, Wagamama, GBK and Camino. Professor Andrew Lockwood said, ‘The Innovation and Development in Restaurant Development’ module is in itself highly innovative in Hospitality education with, at its core, the lessons that senior restaurant operators are willing to share with our students. Professor Chris Cowls is in a unique position to help make the module a success and his help has been invaluable.’