EPR Gift Aid (charity retail systems from Eproductive) is an end-to-end software solution devised exclusively for Charity Retail. Since the introduction of Retail Gift Aid, we have worked with over 100 UK charities enabling them to claim extra revenue from HMRC and successfully build an ongoing relationship with their Gift Aid donors.

EPR Gift Aid’s strength is that it can adapt to operations of all shapes and sizes – so whether you are a small charity with just a handful of shops or a ‘high street brand’ operating 700, you can pick and choose to suit the way you work. We bring peace of mind through a dedicated support team 365 days per year and by storing, processing and securing your data for you – leaving you free to get the most out of your retail business.

Eproductive is one of the UK’s leading charity software providers, supporting over 100 charities and more than 3,000 shops.

  • Reporting Suite

    The system delivers a full trading picture across all stores, sending daily alerts straight to your inbox.

    EPR Touch includes an extensive reporting suite covering both strategic and tactical reports on Retail Gift Aid; sales and space management plus new goods stock management. The software includes a ‘Report Builder’ function allowing you to customise the information to suit your needs.

  • Donor Engagement

    Maintaining contact with donors has a major impact on loyalty.

    Donors are the lifeblood of the charity retail system, so engaging with them is key. Every week, Eproductive sends out over 25,000 ‘Thank You’ emails on behalf of our clients to existing donors acknowledging their donation and keeping them in touch.

  • Digital Donor Sign Up

    Paperless system to ensure quick, hassle-free sign up for new Gift Aid donors.

    By using tablets instore, sign up for new donors and checking repeat donors eliminates the paper and allows complete security of data.

    Eproductive clients can further encourage donors to update their details directly using our secure website, mygiftaid.com – ensuring best practice in terms of compliance.

  • HMRC Validation

    Donor details are validated at the point of entry, removing the need for any data cleansing before claims.

    With EPR Gift Aid, no data should fail at the claim stage. This is because the system rejects potentially invalid donor details at the point of entry forcing data to be checked.

  • Managed email service

    Email management is integrated into the system, allowing notifications or end of year tax statements to be sent automatically.

    Sending HMRC notifications or end of year tax statements is simple with EPR Gift Aid. We host and manage delivery and bouncebacks of donor emails as part of the system. This means that data does not need to be extracted in advance or delivery managed off-system, saving time and reducing the potential for any errors.

  • Simple process for shop teams

    A ready to go system requiring minimal training.

    Available on any internet-enabled device, the system is as flexible as it is powerful. It is simple to use and easy to train in, which allows all members of shop teams to maximise retail gift aid from donors.

  • Customer Service

    Our highly experienced charity experts are here to help at no extra cost.

    Our customer service support is much more than merely a help desk. The service includes account management, technical support, research, workshops, infrastructure management and ongoing product life cycle development – all part of the product with no hidden extras. Our experts come from a charity retail background and are trained to give expert advice to help you get the best out of your data. From the point of installation, through change management, training and beyond, they are there, at the end of a phone, 365 days per year, and come as part of the package.

  • Training

    Full training for staff and volunteers is included, plus access to nationwide workshops.

    Built as a system designed with volunteers in mind, EPR Gift Aid is easy to train in and we do this for your staff and volunteers as part of the implementation process. In addition, as an Eproductive client, you will be able to access for free the workshops we run nationwide on current topics, such as Gift Aid Training, GDPR and other relevant issues.

  • Security

    100% peace of mind through guaranteed secure networks.

    Your data is securely transmitted and stored in our UK tier 3 data centre which has the following redundant components: power supplies, fire suppression and cooling systems, network links, servers, disks, firewalls and switches. In addition we have 24 hour on-site physical security and our environment is penetration tested annually for extra peace of mind. Full client data backups are taken daily and then sent to an offsite storage location for added protection.

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