Team is an advanced mobile engagement solution designed for multi-site organisations.

How can Team help?

Engaging with people across different locations and with varying schedules can be a challenge for any organisation, so we have come up with an effective way of communicating at a time and a place to suit your people through the technology they always check – their phone.

How does Team work?

Using powerful technology and applying it simply, all kinds of information can be accessed anytime, anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or PC, allowing you to develop a better-informed and more motivated team. No installation is required and set up is simple.

Key features of Team

  • An easy content management system
  • The ability to target bulk messages via SMS or email
  • The opportunity to hide functions if required
  • Links to social media



  • Welcome


    Send key information to new starters.

  • Feedback


    Enables feedback via any preferred device.

  • Documents


    A safe, organised and easy to access place for key documents.

  • News


    Share news and information directly.

  • Achievements


    Automated personalised length of service certificates.

  • Suggestions


    Encourage the sharing of 'lightbulb moments', regardless of where or when they happen.

  • Videos


    Share existing and new video content.

  • Photos


    Keep everyone in the loop through posting photos.