Why choose EPS hotel staff scheduling system?

Our people management system has been designed by hoteliers, for hotel businesses. It gives managers at all levels access to real-time information, enabling them to make the best decisions on scheduling, financials, HR and training. Along with MyEPS, the integral app which enables staff to access key information on any device e.g. shift schedules, holiday requests, policies & documents etc., the introduction of EPS results in greater cost control and improved productivity.

EPS is used by hundreds of hotels in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and is easily trained to front line users. Designed to cope with the complexity of a hotel business, it can be configured to client requirements while remaining scalable and cost effective. Once EPS is installed the team at Eproductive use their own hospitality backgrounds to help clients make efficiency savings, while continuing to ensure guests get the service they deserve.

EPS is a secure cloud-based solution hosted at a state of the art data centre (with full redundancy capability and back-ups) and has been successfully integrated to many other specialist hotel systems. EPS organises all your labour management data within a single, easily accessible database – giving you full control of the cost and performance of your workforce via four areas:

  • T&A and Scheduling

    T&A and Scheduling

    Capture the meaningful information and real time analysis your staff need to make the right scheduling decisions.

  • HR and Training

    HR and Training

    Manage and automate all your HR information from ‘starter to departure’.

  • Productivity and Cost Management

    Productivity and Cost Management

    Optimise the cost and productivity of your workforce.

  • Communication and Engagement

    Communication and Engagement

    Use mobile technology to create a secure communications network for your employees.

  • One true picture of your business – in one place, and in real time
  • Proven cost savings
  • Visibility of labour costs ahead of spend
  • Improved compliance with legislative and company rules
  • Reduced administration
  • Improved delivery of brand standards
  • Improved employee engagement